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A Styling Collection from HMG Paints

A unique collection of Special Finishes.

A stunning range of finishes for the custom styling industries. Add a flash of colour to your design elements.

Candy Finish Powder Coatings

Candy Colours

Add a flash of colour. Particularly effective when used in conjunction with a silver sparkle or chrome effect as a base coat. These non-opaque finishes provide a brilliance and depth of shade that cannot be achieved in a single coat system.

Sparkle Finish Powder Coatings


Turn any base colour into a metallic, or add a dash of brilliance with our iridescent effects.

Metallic Powder Coating Finish


The starting point for colour enhancement in the custom market. These products benefit from the highest quality metal flake additives which deliver real colour design and reflection. Choose from super bright chrome, or brilliant gold to muted anthracite.

A styling of limitless options.

The Signature Finish range has limitless options for the user who can combine the various finishes and effects over a wide range of colours, including BS & RAL, to create truly unique Powder Coating finishes. The range is available in 2kg or 20kg packs.


HMG Paints are the UK's Largest Independent Paint Manufacturer. Offering innovative and compliant paints and powder coatings to a variety of markets all backed up with outstanding technical support. Over the years our coatings have been used on a wide variety of substrates and products across numerous markets. We're excited to see how and where the Signature Finish range gets used.
HMG Paints truly are

"One name that covers everything"

Powder Coating Effects for Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels

Candy Finish

The Signature Finish Candy range looks great on a set of wheels.

Showcase Powder Coating Panels

Show Panels

Matt & Candy

Combining the Matt and Candy finishes can provide great contrast and are a great demonstration of the Signature Finish range.

Powder Coating Promotional item effects

Promotional Items

Complete Collection

Since putting the Signature Finish range onto our promotional tin openers the demand for them has skyrocketed. Both practical and a great showcase.

Powder Coating Alloy Wheels Signature Finish North West

Alloy Wheels

Chrome Collection

The chrome collection from the Signature Finish range look great on any car.

Powder Coating Alloy Wheels Signature Finish MAnchester

Alloy Wheels

Sparkle Finish

The Signature Finish Sparkle range will make any substrate shine. Picture is the Purple, Blue & Clear Sparkle..

Harlequins Powder Coating spedial effects



A combination of the full range on tiny harlequins to create a striking display.

Powder Coated rollcage and suspension for sprint car


Hi Vis Yellow and Candy Blue

Chassis and framework to stand out on the race track.

Powder Coat race car chassis and seat

Race Car Chassis, suspenion & Seat

Hi Vis Orange and Black Gloss

From the chassis to the seat and suspenion give a race car a signature look.

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